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A2 Drawing Boards For Archaeologists

€65 each + VAT & delivery; buy 12 for the price of 10

drawing boards with grids specifically designed for archaeologists

We manufacture drawing boards which are perfect for archaeological fieldwork. Made from composite aluminium (3mm thickness), these draughting aids are both durable & hard wearing, and designed for A2 permatrace sheets.

* External measurements - 700mm x 510mm
* Grid measurements - 600mm x 420mm (A2)
* Grid details - 1mm spacing with heavier lines to denote 5mm and 1cm divisions
* Won't warp
* Rounded corners for safety
* Waterproof, lightweight and durable
* Customisable with your own logos and text for security, or as gifts
* Laminated for extra protection
* The grid is printed onto a vinyl sheet which is applied directly to the composite aluminium meaning that the board surface is completely flat and easier to work with

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