Acrylic Display Stands

Having strong links to Clogherhead, we have worked for many of the local businesses there with 'Clogherhead Amusement Arcade', 'The Great Wall', 'Apache Pizza', 'Astara Hair & Beauty Treatments', 'Rouge Boutique' & 'Sharkey's Bar & Lounge' amongst our list of clients.

Take a walk down the Main Street in Clogherhead and you'll see lots of examples of our work. Starting at the top of the street, the ever-popular 'Sharkey's' boasts a signature red, raised letter sign above the front door. Fixed directly to the wall, these individually cut letters stand out from the background making them very eye-catching and instantly recognisable. This type of sign also has the possibility of being repainted should the colour scheme of the front facade change, thus saving on the cost of a new sign to match the new colours. sign makers clogherhead louth

Next stop on our walk down the centre of Clogherhead village is the raised letter signage above 'The Great Wall Chinese Restaurant' and 'Apache Pizza'. With crisp white letters contrasting with the red background, the 'Apache' logo offsets the text and adds an element of design to this sign. The Chinese text is of equal importance on the right hand side of this shop front sign, as it adds a different component to the text above it. The use of red & white in creating a sign that will be noticed is very obvious here, as the 'look at me' quality of the red is tempered and contrasted strongly by the white lettering.

sign company fitting sign in clogherhead county louth

'Astara Hair & Beauty Treatments' halfway down the street is a really nice example of a two-dimensional sign with an element of 3D. The traditional flat surface of the sign is used to apply the background shading, image of the face & smaller text to, while the name of the salon has been cut out in raised lettering and fixed unobtrusively to finish off a very cool looking sign!sign above shop fitted by itsasign

Right around the corner from Astara is 'Rouge Boutique' which again makes use of raised lettering against a smooth surface of design elements and text. When the sunlight hits the raised letters of this sign, they stand out beautifully from the background with the help of a little drop shadow effect. Adding a little yellow to nicely balance the white and blue of the sign gives this shop front a pleasing look to it and the use of the third colour certainly elevate the visual effect of the signage.

county louth sign makers work above door of fashion boutique

Our final stop on our stroll through Clogherhead in County Louth is the 'Clogherhead Amusement Arcade' at the bottom of the street. We were asked to design and supply a set of large format banner signs for their advertising trailer. This comprised of two 8ft high pieces, and one triangular side piece, which were easily fixed to the trailer body. Designed for roadside locations, this form of signage is very popular because it is obviously portable, instant and if you change your mind as to where you want to position it, you just move it! Ideal for creating a presence at fairs, carnivals and festivals...
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