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“It's A Sign” has been designing, creating and fitting signs for businesses in Dundalk (Dún Dealgan) since 2003. During that time we have worked with many of the shops, restaurants, pubs,  schools, offices, councils, pizzerias and cafes that are  familiar to those living and working in the town.
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Dundalk is a vibrant town offering a business to cater for almost every possible need, so its no surprise that much of our work comes from shops, both new and long established.  Many of the stores we have fitted signage for are instantly recognisable by their logos and the lettering styles they use to promote their services. From Dublin Street on the south side of the town to the Newry Road on the northern edge, we have worked with an energetic customer base for over a decade to reinvigorate a trusted crest or create a new design to help get their business noticed!

signs dundalk louth sign companies dundalk
We offer a 'made-to-measure' service for all the signs we create, so whether its a flat sign fitted to the fascia board above the door, or an eye-catching raised letter sign projecting from the building wall into the street, we can manufacture the signage you already have in mind or offer practical suggestions & solutions based on the area and budget available.
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Sometimes a very straightforward, monochrome but nonetheless classic sign is exactly what is called for, whereas a colourful sign with photos and logo graphics is just as often the product that is required for to reflect the business behind the sign, as is illustrated by the photos below for the Francis Street and Clanbrassil Street areas of the town.
signs dundalk louth sign companies dundalk
The importance of a well signed vehicle to a local business can never be underestimated as it not only adds to the professional look of the company, but it serves as a mobile advertisement that works out at a very inexpensive rate over the life of the signage. Having a large ad that can be seen on Park Street, at the Ramparts, Oriel Park, Jocelyn Street and on the Newry Road all in the one day can certainly be a big help in getting your brand out there to your local customers.  
signs dundalk louth sign companies dundalk
Traditional engraved brass plaques on wooden mounts are always a fantastic way to make a statement when marking the opening of a new building or commemorating the memory of special somebody. Although in the main this type of plaque is used chiefly to display text, it is also possible to add a logo to the design. We have produced plaques for various offices from Anne Steet to Chapel Street.
signs dundalk louth  sign companies dundalk
Another beautiful form of signage that has diminished in availability over the last decade is the art of glass etching. Commonly known as 'sandblasting', this is a type of signage that is steeped in tradition and authenticity. As the sand cuts into the glass, it produces a silver/grey finish that does not wear away or tarnish with time. Below is an example of our work from the 1990's, completed as a sub-contractor of a local glass shop in Dundalk. Fitted at the entrance to the Dundalk Town Council Offices on Crowe Street in the centre of the town they are a monochrome adaptation of the council logo.

We've produced many banners for events in Dundalk over the years. These signs can be ordered with eyelets pre-punched to allow easy fixing to railing or fencing. Often used as temporary signage for shopfronts, the supple material can be quickly and securely pinned to a wooden fascia board or similar background.
sign companies dundalkFor further details on any of the products on this page, or to enquire about the possibilities for whatever type of sign you have in mind, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or catch us on the move at 087 2848841

sign companies dundalk