Acrylic Display Stands

buy office wall plaques online from irelandBrass Plaques Designed, Manufactured and Available For Delivery To Anywhere In Ireland

two plaques that can either be screwed to the wall or to a wooden mounting block which is fitted to the wall beforehand

Plaques are a great way to give a strong first impression of your business. Discreet and professional, or colourful and eye-catching, we produce a range of custom-made products to choose from.

plaques for competition winners with text details engraved into the surface

We offer a traditional brass plaque design service, and dispatch to all 32 counties in Ireland via courier. This type of plaque is used globally by professionals offices and departments and can be fitted directly to a wall or door, or installed on a wooden mount to add the finishing touch! We can pre drill holes in the brass so that the piece can be screwed into a timber door, for example, or if its felt that screw heads aren't becoming, we use an industrial strength double-sided adhesive tape to fix the sign in position. Brass plaques are also very popular  way to commemorate the opening of schools, shopping centres, offices, colleges and buildings. Many of our customers chose this product for Opening Days where unveiling of the plaque from behind a small set of curtains is an ever popular way of launching a new facility.

Brass plaques used for opening ceremonies and memorial services unveiling

We can completely design the layout or work with our customers to create the artwork they have in mind, and we offer an installation service for all our plaque in the north-east area of Ireland, covering counties Louth, Cavan, Meath, Monaghan and north county Dublin. Where we take online orders for just the products (without fitting), we dispatch all our items via courier and are available to answer any questions about the fitting process.
The use of brass plaques as memorials to loved ones is commonplace and we offer small pieces which can be easily fitted to park benches or Church pews. The reasonable cost of these classy signs makes it affordable to replace an old cheap looking sign with an elegant and tasteful symbol to mark a place of business. Solicitors, accountants, doctors, dentists, clinics and county council offices are all among our customers for this product.

Acrylic Plaques (strong plastic) Are A Modern Day Alternative To Traditional Wall Plaques And Are Customised To Include Logos And Images
heavy duty transparent plastic plaques with coloured text and wall fittingsThese wall plaques are made from a strong, clear plastic and are ideal for giving a splash of colour to an office sign. By using a number of variations, this type of plaque is very versatile and conducive to providing a number of different finishes. By adding an etched glass film background to the lettering, a slightly transparent finish is achieved which accentuates the impact of the lettering (particularly  if its a black font). The lettering, together with images and photographs, can also be printed and applied to the reverse side of the acrylic plate to give a sign full of strong and vibrant colour. This gives an opaque finish to the plaque which is necessary when the wall behind is a dark or dull colour and doesn't give the contrast needed for the detail to stand out from the surrounding area.
wall plaque installed on brick wall with company name and crest applied to acrylic plate

Acrylic plaques are pre-drilled with a hole in each corner to allow for front mounting to a wall or door by way of four weatherproof, anodised aluminium fittings. These little units comprise of a 'barrel' which is screwed into the wall before the plaque is fitted using tamperproof counter-rotating threaded screws. As well as giving a pleasing finish to the sign, this form of fitting gives a secure fixing and is straightforward to install. We include all necessary fittings with each order dispatched.
Popular for both indoor and outdoor applications, this plaque is modern in appearance and ideal to allow reproduction of company logos and colours. For a professional introduction to your building entrance, this sign is perfectly suited to reception areas, internal department doors, hallways and front desk areas. The design is applied to the back (reverse side) of the plaque meaning it is easy to clean and difficult to deface.

indoor and outdoor transparent plaques with company logo in a gold coloured decals fitted to walls

In larger sizes, an acrylic plaque is an excellent form of office decoration to display a brand, business logo or crest, as in the image above. It can both transform the look of a reception area wall and reinforce your brand logo at the same time.

cheaper alternative to brass plaques that is colourful and easily fitted to wallAcrylic plaques  Made from a strong clear plastic, this type of plaque is ideal when the design includes colours, logos and images. Easily cleaned and modern looking, this type of plaque has become very popular in recent years.


Brushed Aluminium and Vinyl Plaques

These are the most economical in our plaque range. Created by applying the vinyl lettering to the front of the aluminium (like a traditional sign), a silvery, machine-like finish is produced. Colours, logos and images can be included in this product, which can be either spaced out from the wall using the fitting supplied or fixed directly to it. For added protection for exterior locations, a perspex cover can be included.
plaques made from lightweight brushed aluminium with company office name  

Installing Your Plaque  If you need to know how to fit your plaque to your office or shopfront, the image below gives you the tips on how its for fitting your plaque to a wall