Its A Sign

I'm interested in ordering a sign from you. What do I do next?
The first step is to contact us via any of the methods on our CONTACT US page, and we'll take it from there!

Do you deliver to Northern Ireland?
Yes, we do, as well as to the Republic.

Does it take long for my order to arrive?
Some of our products take longer than others to create, so we will give you an expected delivery date before you confirm your order.

Do you laminate your signs for added protection against the weather?
Yes we do!  We laminate all outdoor signs as standard, and indoor signs on request.

Can I add my own photographs & images to my sign?
Yes, you can!  If you have logos or trademarks you need to include, we can do it as part of the design process.

Do you drill holes in signs that are to be fitted to a wall?
Yes we do.  We'll ask if you need them during the ordering process!

Do you give discounts on orders of two or more?
Yes, we do!  Contact us for details.

If I design my own sign and send you the artwork, will my sign work out cheaper?
Yes it will!  We'll only charge you for the work that WE do.

I only have a rough idea for the design of my sign. Can you create the artwork as well as the sign?
Yes we can!  We work with all our customers to create the design exactly as they want it.

Why are there no prices on your site?
Almost every sign we create is unique, so we prefer to give you the best price we can on the exact sign you want, as opposed to a standard price that's likely to change.

What are your preferred methods of payment?
Our preferred method is Electronic Funds Transfer.  We also accept PayPal, Postal Money Orders (available from an An Post office) and cheques (subject to clearance).

Can you show me what materials you use to make Information Signs?
Yes, we can.  Click here to see our materials.  We’ve been in the sign-making trade since 1998, and our website was launched in November 2012.

Are all the photos on the site your own work?
All the photos in our category pages are unique and of our own work.

Can I see some of your recent work?
Yes, you can!  Click here to see our blog which is always updated regularly.

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